Some people are just so hard to shop for, right?

Sure, it's easier to order online or just buy from a big-box store but don't forget our small or simply local businesses this holiday season!

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The Benefits of Shopping Local

If you ever go exploring around your community, you will find there are so many unique businesses and shops you probably did not even know existed...and it may just become your #1 spot for picking up gifts for people that stand out above the rest.

It's always been important to support your local, small businesses. However, now more than ever is crucial.

A lot of businesses rely on sales from the holiday season to support them in potentially slower months. With last year's holiday season being a bit different than we're used to, you know...COVID stuff, many local businesses did not survive.

That's why this year, we should make it a mission to do more of our holiday shopping right here in Lansing.

Lansing-Area Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are fast approaching and there are some people on your list that might be a bit hard to find that perfect gift for. Here, we love to shop local and think there are some pretty neat places around Lansing for you to find something for everyone on your list.

Small Business Saturday: November 27th, 2021

Now, of course you don't need to only support your local businesses one day out of the year, but you could say the same about Black Friday.

Shopping small is all about the interaction, putting your money back into your community and helping out a fellow local mom, friend, neighbor, etc.

Chances are, too, when you buy something from a local business, it's not only more unique and personal, but it is also probably higher quality and made with only the best "WOW" whoever ends up owning it.

Whoever you are shopping for, literally whoever, chances are you will be able to find them the perfect gift without having to go all the way to the mall. Go mosey about some of our fabulous local, Lansing-area shops and have the best holiday season yet!

Here's a look at some bigger, chain stores (if you choose to shop there) that will be closed on Thanksgiving in case you were planning on getting a jump on your holiday shopping that day:

Michigan Stores Closed For Thanksgiving in 2021

There are multiple websites, many with some, but few with all the stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving for 2021. Here is what we hope will be your ultimate guide as you plan your shopping in Michigan this year!

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