If you are from, grew up in or have visited the Jackson County area, you probably have heard of Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm over the years. If not, you are truly missing out on a gem that has been an icon in the community since 1956!

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About Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm

The farm's location has the address actually in Cement City, which is in Somerset Township, which is part of Jackson County. We get that specific with it because there is such a large community Meckley's serves and people come from far and wide to check it out!

Over the years, it has come to be known for "the spot" to get donuts and treats for people who visit the many lakes in the area over the summer. It is also a place that is a perfect "first job" for teens who live in the area, like my sister.

Weekends and the fall season are often extremely busy as they are a one-stop shop for cider, donuts, pumpkins, a corn maze and all the quintessential fall fun people look for.

However, there is so much more that Meckley's does all year 'round that only makes them more and more iconic to the people who know and love them.

Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm History

According to the farm's website, it all got started in 1956 when Ray and Louise Meckley were running "a simple wholesale operation." Ray would take apples they grew to the Eastern Market in Detroit.

Then, they say in the late 60's Louise had the idea to start an all-in-one bakery, cider mill and farm market. By 1970, the vision became a reality until in December of 1976, a massive fire put it all on hold.

The family then went out to the East Coast to see what the successful orchards and farm markets in the New England states were up to and by fall of 1977, Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm was up, running and renovated!

Now, decades later, Meckley's has been a staple in the community and, thanks to generations of family members coming in with fresh ideas, is constantly adapting to what their customers and community will enjoy most.

Year-Round Fun at Meckley's

As someone who grew up no more than five minutes from Meckley's, I know what a blast it can be in the summer and the fall but there is actually plenty of fun to be had in the winter too.

Since adding pizza, appetizers, hard ciders, beers and more to their menu in recent years, Meckley's has made it so they can be open all year and I have had some of my best winter afternoons having a few drinks on their heated patio/deck.

Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm - Somerset, Michigan

For 65 years, Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm has been providing seasonal and year-round fun in the Somerset, Michigan area. From donuts, to hard ciders and more, it is a stop that is well worth the trip.

A Thank You to the Meckley Family

Thank you for always being a symbol of home to me. I am so lucky to have not only grown up getting to experience all the fun you have to offer but also being able to watch you grow.

There have been so many changes over the years and they have all been wonderful and welcomed.

Your family is kind, fun and has always been so community-oriented and it's something so beautiful to see and have in the area.

Thank you for all you do and for all the wonderful memories.

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