With craft beer being as big as it is in the Michigan beer scene, it would only make sense that people would want to try as many as they possibly can, right? Well, that's exactly where building your own six-pack comes in and there are actually plenty of places in the Lansing area you can do that.

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The Benefits of Building Your Own Six-Pack

It happens so often. You go somewhere that has an incredible craft beer selection that you spend what feels like forever trying to pick out the perfect one to buy an entire six-pack of (or more). On the flip side, you also take a gamble on if you will like it or not and sometimes end up with five unopened beers you know you will never drink again.

You sit there, lamenting the fact they don't just have a variety pack or that you can't just try one to make sure you like it before making the commitment to a whole six.

THAT, friends, is where building your own six-pack comes in. Maybe you're really interested in that stout, then a sour/gose catches your eye, then oh look, here's a nice bourbon-aged to try. With building your own six-pack, you get the variety you crave.

Building Your Own in Lansing

Different cities have different spots that are their go-to's when it comes to this style of selecting the perfect beers to drink. For me, in Grand Rapids a few years ago, it was the Craft Beer Cellar (which I found out recently, closed in 2020 and has since been turned into a board game bar).

However, now that I am here in Lansing, I saw the conversation of "build-your-own" (BYO) come up in Lansing's own subreddit and it immediately got me curious.

Spots in Lansing Area to Build Your Own Six Pack

Have you ever been looking for a new beer to try but stumble upon a place with such a good selection, you can't decide and just want to try them all? Well, thanks to our friends in the r/lansing Subreddit, we have some suggestions!

A Choose-Your-Own Adventure

Getting your own little variety pack home is an adventure in itself. You feel like a kid on Christmas, excited to see and taste what is inside each bottle (or can) as you open it. Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise and others, it's like that ugly sweater your aunt got you that you don't have the heart to admit you will never wear.

However, unlike your unwanted sweater, you don't have to keep the beer you didn't like and you've got multiple others you can "try on for size."

One time, I did a build-your-own six-pack at a craft beer and brought it to our family Thanksgiving and encouraged other family members to bring other beers to throw into the mix and we did a little beer tasting/contest to see which beer was the winner! It was a blast, everyone tried something out of their comfort zones and it was the first time I had ever seen my grandpa drink and the only time I ever got to drink with him.

Craft beer lovers know that the beers we enjoy are so much more than just a way to get drunk. They're memories, there's artistry and there's a whole lot of appreciation that goes into it. That's why it is so fun to be able to explore with things like building your own beer-ventures!

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