If you want to feel better about yourself, read what this guy on parol did and you'll feel better. He's a complete moron.

Not only did this Bay City man, Shane R. Enser, rob the store he was working at, he robbed it while wearing a GPS tether. Enser was on parol at the time of the theft and is now heading back to prison. A Bay City judge ordered him to two concurrent counts of 22 months in prison and to pay a good chunk of change. He will have to pay $578.80 restitution to King's Party Store, $118 to the Bay County Sheriff's Office, and $456 in fines and cost. Enser admitted to stealing a bank envelope containing around $500 and a carton of smokes when the store was closed early in the morning.

How can anyone think this is a good idea. You are wearing a GPS unit on your ankle. I'm just blown away by this.

Source: MLive


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