You must be new here. Or whenever we go somewhere, we have to explain to people just how we roll in the mitten state. Here are just a few examples of things we have to explain. And if you're not from here, you probably don't get that hand up there or anything else I'm about to lay down on you so buckle up. And take note kids, you might learn something.

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Directions? Talk to the hand

Screenshot courtesy of Brian Ostrander, youtube

Want to know where it is in Michigan. Raise your right hand and point. Note the shape of the state & your right hand. Got it? Google maps and Waze? Please.

See also we tell you how far away something is by how long it takes you to get there. Not miles.

And while we're on this map thing...

Yoopers, Mackinac, and Trolls

gnagel / Getty Images

It's pronounced MACK-A-NAW even though it's spelled MACK-I-NAC.

There's Mackinac Island and the iconic Mackinac Bridge.

You live above it, you live in the U.P. Upper Peninsula & you're a Yooper (you probably love the Packers too you traitors). You live below the bridge (in the lower peninsula) you're a Troll.

Th only thing Yoopers are good for are PASTIES (pass-tees). Yup, I said it! Fight me!

The Michigan Left

You want to make a left turn but you can't go left at the light. You have to go right to make a left. Utter madness! And Pure Michigan!

Michigan Lefts are a type of turn common in our state. Where a Michigan Left is in place, left turns at the intersection are not allowed. Instead, to turn left, you must drive straight or turn right, then make a U-turn at a median crossover, guided by sign like the one at right. Michigan Lefts have been part of Michigan roadways since at least the late 1960s. (


We love the Lions NO MATTER WHAT

Getty Images

Shut up. Don't ask. We know. You have that one family member everyone can't stand and people say aint worth a you know what. But you still love them. We have the Lions. And we'll fight that battle every year. Because this year, WILL BE OUR YEAR! And Barry Sanders. He played for us. So we got that.

Here it's Pop Not Soda

It's pop. As in Faygo Red-POP.

There's club soda and baking soda. Here, we drink pop. And while we're at it...

Vernors Cures EVERYTHING and we love Superman Ice Cream for some reason

Photo Credit: Vernor's via Amazon & u/chibipan222 via reddit

Here, we believe Vernors will cure whatever ails you. Period. Ginger Ale? Canada Dry? Get outta here. And don't get me started on Superman Ice Cream. We just love it and...I really don't know why. So shut it, eat it and watch some Lions football. It'll make defeat taste that much better.


Jacks are the highest cards, no reneging, and when your partner decides to go it alone don't get offended. It usually means they are about to whoop @$$! It's Spades on steroids.

Ohio is a No No

Sure, there's a historical reason. But whatever. The Buckeyes suck. And that's all you need to know. I don't care what college you went to.

Summer and Construction

Getty Images/KaraGrubis

We have only two seasons here. Summer and Construction. And some would break it down to Construction and No Construction.

Party Stores

Google Maps

No not like Party City my friends. Think corner store, liquor store, where you get your lottery tickets, food on a roller, some incense maybe, a hat, a t-shirt, a used car...each one is different but the same.

Michiganders don’t head to the liquor store to buy their booze for the weekend, they head to the “party store.” It’s basically the same thing, and either place will get you just as drunk. (Movoto)

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