Just going to get this out of the way now, this can't be the worst thing found in the Grand River?

Okay, I'll try to contain myself.

Ah, the Grand River, an amazing river that stretches all the way from Southern Michigan to West Michigan. It's a beautiful display of water and its power. Sure, some places may get a bit gross in some parts but the Grand River brings us Michiganders joy.

There's wildlife, trails, fishing and - oh yeah - SEVERED HUMAN FEET!

No, this is not the beginning to a corny, spooky story. I mean just this past Saturday (September 12th) police in Jackson found a severed human foot floating in the Grand River's waters.

It even still had A SOCK on it...that's not even a joke, that's information straight from the police to MLive. This is a very serious subject.

Blackman-Leoni Department of Public Safety Director Mike Jester told MLive the foot was found the morning of September 12th by people who were just trying to be nice and clean up the Grand River about a quarter mile south of Parnall Road in Jackson.

Jester then said there were no additional body parts found after the Jackson County Dive Team searched the river following the find and the Medical Examiner's Office responded.

Now, MLive says there is a continuing investigation which means we guess it is not confirmed whether or not whomever the foot belongs to is alive or not...

It's a hell of a way to kick off "spooky season", the mystery of the missing foot.

We hope this person is found and they and their family can get some resolution at this time.

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