So we are all excited, October is here and one of the most fun holidays is almost upon us, and I for one can't wait. The time of year when the chillier air and some of our neighbors start to bring out the pumpkins, skeletons, bloody bodies, and even the occasional corpses.  Halloween is the time we can get away with letting our imaginations run wild.

For many of the upcoming spooky nights before Halloween, many will want to scare their neighbors and friends as well as family. . Some take the task more seriously than others.

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3 years ago in when I was living in Tampa, I remember a family had a huge Halloween display in their front yard and the fake dead body on the front lawn look so real, that the police made them take it out because of so many calls thinking someone was murdered.

Michigan Does Some Scary Stuff

Well, check this out from USA Today and A Michigan woman got real scary and daring this year with Halloween, so much so that 911 calls were coming in and a few visits from police.

Detroiter LaRethia Haddon isn’t alone in her love of freaking out her neighbors and passersby. According to the report, there are fright lovers like her around the country with Halloween decorations ranging from “fresh blood” to a fake house fire to a “decapitated man.” In Haddon’s case, for 25 years she has decorated her lawn with a dummy resembling a dead body and moves it to a new spot every day.

We live in a great state and word has it that Michigan is among the most haunted states, and Mackinac Island is the nation's most visited town per capita for Halloween.

Have Fun, Be Safe This Halloween

One thing for sure, this year is definitely going to be more fun than last so let's get out, be safe and enjoy all the spooky fun this year.


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