I have always been a sucker for a real Christmas tree. All throughout the year, I mop our kitchen with Pine Sol just to have it smell like Christmas morning. It goes back to staring at the bubble lights when I was  a kid. Pulling pine needles out of your feet.

There is a deep family connection to real trees. My grandpa used to cut one down for us every year from Buckley, Michigan. There is nothing like a grandpa Christmas tree. They were NEVER perfect looking but they were always perfect.

Then, after grandpa passed away, we got them from a family friend in Holly, Michigan until he passed away. They sold his property a few years back and we got the last live tree from his farm. We cut it down ourselves for the first time ever.

In normal years, families spend a day going to places like the Peacock Road Tree Farm and picking their tree together as a family.

For years, we had to have fake trees because of the cats... But like our former tree guys, our cats are long gone. I am trying to convince the wife to go real but it isn't a very good year to be out. It looks like it'll be another year to shine for our fake white tree.

We are surrounded by pine trees and the other day it was literally raining pine needles. We will be picking them up forever so... she can't use that as an excuse :)

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