It's Halloween season and we're talking all things scary movies. This story starts off pretty innocently.

When I used to come visit my dad in Detroit from down south, I got to see and do a lot of things that were big city.

I got to go on the Giant Slide and visit Belle Isle Aquarium on Belle Isle. There was the Boblo Boat & Boblo Island. A Tigers game. Edgewater Park. My first coney dog. And of course my first drive in.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Ford-Wyoming Drive-in Theater in Detroit. It was a short drive from my dad's house.

I can't tell you how dope this was. A movie in your car? Blankets. The concession stands. Other kids. I know we went a bunch of times and saw a bunch of movies. It was the early 80's and this was too cool to me.

Now mind you I used to come up and visit him in the summer. So it wasn't Halloween. And I remember the movies were usually funny or action flicks. But this one trailer for this one movie still sticks in my mind.

I remember it because the trailer looked like it was the end of a movie. It just had the credits rolling on it. And all it showed was these elevator doors.

Mango Pictures via YouTube
Mango Pictures via YouTube

I didn't know it then but I do now. They are iconic. And even as I type this and as I watched it before I wrote this article, I got slight goosebumps.

The elevators were from The Overlook Hotel. The source material? The novel and the book "The Shining".

And what haunted my nightmares was the amount of blood that poured forth from the elevators and down the halls.

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I love scary movies. I am a child of the 70's. My aunt took me to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was younger and I remember it but I wasn't scared of it.

But those elevator doors and that hall filling with blood tripped me out.

Rounding out my top 3...

Mind you movies from the 70's and 80's had the best/cheesiest trailers. But they were so effective.

Case and point (and those flies still give me the creeps) the original "The Amityville Horror".

And THIS SCENE. Johnny Depp and his first acting gig. In Nightmare On Elm Street.

This one just came out of nowhere and the sheer volume of blood shooting up out of the bed. Nah bruh..

According to "science" and how much a scary movie increases your heart rate, "Sinister" is the scariest movie.

I don't mind some of the newer flicks. But you're telling me that Sinister is scarier than "The Shining"? "The Exorcist"? And I still know grown people who won't watch that again.

Thanks but I'll stick to the classics.

And sleep with my night light on tonight.

And take the stairs thank you very much.

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