We are getting into winter, and you may be missing all of the seafood that was around during the summer. If you are looking for a lobster bisque, crab legs, or maybe just a whole lobster, then you'll want to check out these places. I got this list from reviewers on Yelp and added my comments as well as I have been to most of these places too. Plus if you follow the link above or below, you can check out the menus of all of the places and pick what you want before you head over.

  • #10 All Seasons Bistro (4211 Okemos Road, Okemos) I personally haven't tried this place, but I've heard that the atmosphere is nice.
  • #9 Blue Gill Grill (1591 Lake Lansing Rd)
  • #8 Fresh Fish (3140 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
  • #7 Stillwater Grill (3544 Meridian Crossing Dr) This is a great place that is so nice and also they had quite a variety of seafood when I was there.
  • #6 Red Lobster (3130 East Saginaw St) This is the staple.
  • #5 Capital Prime (2324 Showtime Dr) You gotta head to downtown Lansing for this, but it is in a good location for anything near the Capital building.
  • #4 Galbi King (1017 E Grand River Ave) This place has Korean as well as seafood.
  • #3 Mitchell's Fish Market (2975 Preyde Blvd) If you haven't checked this place out, it may become your favorite.
  • #2 Boiling Pots (2650 E Grand River Ave)
  • #1 Crab Hero (235 Albert Ave) This has won best seafood place in Lansing for a while, so clearly anyone that tries this place loves it.

Are there any other places in Lansing or in the Mid-Michigan area that have the best seafood? I know if you head towards the Lakeside towns they probably have more seafood options, but there are still other seafood places that didn't make the list above. You can see the full list from Yelp here. 

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