The other day Drake almost broke the internet with a dish from his birthday party this past weekend.

Mr. October, Drizzy, Wheelchair Jimmy, The 6 God (jeesh, how many nicknames does this dude have) threw himself a lavish birthday party.

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BTW, October 24th. He's 34 now and worth roughly about $150 Million.

Back to this birthday party.

Lush, lavish, Los Angeles annnnd let's look at the dinner menu. Head directly to the bottom of the second course please to see what EVERYONE is trippin' about.

Raisins. In the mac-n-cheese.

Fix it Jesus.

I can even begin to rock with the sundried tomatoes. Capers? I guess if we're going for a sweet and salty thing with the raisins and parsley is parsley.

But raisins in your mac-n-cheese?

What level of rich is this? I mean it's your birthday and if that's how y'all do it in Canada ok.

Maybe it was the place and their idea of luxurious dining.

I'm thinking you would have made out better and way cheaper at Chuck E. Cheese. Just saying.

And just when I thought I had seen it all.

First, let's show you a delicious lobster.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

You can get that bad boy right there locally at Fresh Thyme East Lansing (one of my new favorites) for $6.99 a pound.

You can probably throw on a decent steak and get away with you own surf and turf for under $20 - $25 bucks. And it would be way more lavish and not as disgusting as raisin mac-n-cheese at Drake's b-day party.

Or, you could attempt (and I've heard of this before) lobster spaghetti. At your worst, it would look like this.

Not bad right?

But if you think Drake's raisin mac-n-cheese was bad...let me introduce you to...

And they melted cheese on it and sprinkled on some chives?

That's it 2020. I'm done.

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