I can hardly believe the words myself, but it's true...

Trader Joe's is finally coming to the Greater Lansing area! I know, I can hardly contain the excitement.

Trader Joe's is Coming to the Greater Lansing Area

According to the Lansing State Journal, the grocery chain just received approval from the Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals for extra parking spaces near the planned Trader Joe's site. They got the parking spaces, and they also got the approval to begin plans for construction and development. After getting that approval, there's nothing else Trader Joe's needs before moving forward with work at the new location. Speaking of which...

Where will Trader Joe's be located?

It looks like Trader Joe's is going to be moving in at/or near 5030 Northwind Drive in East Lansing, as that's where they got the approval for extra parking spaces. If you're unfamiliar with exactly where that is, it's where the Red Cedar Apartments are, off of Grand River, behind and to the side of Plato's Closet. It's an interesting spot to pick too because it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Whole Foods, which is a few hundred feet down the road and across the street. Hopefully, no West Side Story-style rumbles will break out.

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It's terribly exciting that Trader Joe's is coming to the greater Lansing area, the people have been asking for it for a very long time. And a lot of people, at that. There is a Facebook page dedicated to bringing Trader Joe's to Lansing that has approximately 3,500 members and was established on January 5th, 2009! Whew, that's dedication.

When will Trader Joe's in Lansing Open?

No word yet on when opening day will be. At this point in time Meridian Township Trustee, Dan Opsommer, says, "I think you'll see them break ground next year." So, it'll be a little while until Trader Joe's is actually up and running. Until then, you'll have to drive to the nearest one in Ann Arbor, or over in Kentwood near Grand Rapids.

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