You've probably heard some rumors swirling around that Meridian Township would be welcoming a new retail chain in the upcoming months.

You probably have heard of the name, and a lot of Lansing residents have been waiting to see such a chain of stores in the Mid-Michigan area for a while.

A Trader's Joe finally broke way at Grand River Avenue and Northwind Drive this afternoon, in Meridian Township.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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Trader Joe's Made Announcement To Lansing In December

The official announcement of the Trader Joe's family, joining the Lansing area, was announced back in December of 2021. 

No announcement has been made as to when the chain will officially open their doors to the Lansing people.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The next closest Trader Joe's to those here in the Lansing area is down in Ann Arbor if you're willing to make the trip down there to see what the store will hold for you.

If you didn't know either, there is also a big following to get Trader Joe's into Lansing. There is an entire Facebook group, dedicated to getting Trader Joe's into Lansing, and clearly, the power of the group worked.

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