Going to any store has become an ordeal with wearing a mask, maybe gloves, and keeping distance, which is why curbside pickup has become big now. According to WILX, and Adobe Analytics they have found the number of orders placed online and picked up at physical stores surged more than 200% this month. Most retailers have closed but that hasn't stopped them from providing products to consumers, and it looks like after this over, curbside pickup will be an even bigger part of our lives and shopping lives. In addition, experts have said that people are going to be slower to come back to shopping in store so curbside pickup may help businesses stay open as well as be safe to customers.

I have never used curbside to pick up anything at a clothing store or supermarket but I have picked up food at a restaurant, and it is great. I'm happy to do curbside pick up for a restaurant but it does feel weird because I'm eating their food but just not in their restaurant. That is just a minor issue I have with it, but otherwise, I think the idea of doing curbside pickup for all places is great as it will still enable businesses to bring back employees and it will also allow stores to have less people in the store and obey social distance guidelines.

What do you think about curbside? Is it going to be the #1 way you will shop now? When will you feel better about shopping in stores? Let's discuss on our Facebook or you can send us a message on our 97.5 NOW FM app.

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