Everyone has at least one product that they will always, without fail, buy the name brand version of because to them it is "just better." We decided to ask our friends in the Lansing area which products does name-brand quality beat out generic brand prices for them.

I grew up in a Heinz Ketchup household. No matter what else was on sale, no matter if we had to follow a strict budget, I can't ever remember a time my parents bought anything but...we are absolutely ketchup snobs.

When I was broke in college, getting literally all of my groceries at the Dollar Tree (the one where everything's a dollar) I decided to sacrifice my ketchup snobbery and try their brand. As you can imagine, it was horrible. I stepped it up to other generic brands depending on what store I was at and here we are now, back to not buying anything but Heinz.

That is not an advertisement for Heinz, but just an example of how someone could establish such brand loyalty.

Really, when it comes down to it, it's that we find products we love, that we can trust, we like the quality and don't want to "settle" when you already feel like it's worth the money!

The same can be said for things like clothing brands, shampoo, skincare, we could go on for days.

Another example I have is my shampoo. As a blonde who uses bleach to get my hair to look more white than yellow, I use a purple shampoo. Now, there are tons of purple shampoos on the market from many different price points. So why do I buy one of the higher-priced ones? Because I know the quality of it, I know it works and I love it!

Now, enough about me...what are shoppers in Lansing not willing to compromise on?

Let's take a look:

10 Products People Refuse To Compromise On

No matter what brand you choose, there will always be someone who prefers another and that's life! So the "Coke vs. Pepsi" "Miracle Whip vs. Hellman's" and any other brand debates you can think of press on and we all continue to buy the products we like because...capitalism.

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Here are some products you definitely don't want to sacrifice quality for price on:

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