In recent years, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with shopping at Aldi (no, they are not paying me to say this).

They not only make it way more affordable to eat healthy but they actually have more of a variety and more unique options than one would think. Of course they also have, for all my fellow "Aldi Nerds" out there, the "aisle of shame" where they have all kinds of fun, seasonal products people go absolutely nuts for.

Now, Jackson already has one Aldi location over on North St. but wouldn't it would be great to have another, bigger one on the other side of town?

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The Rumor Mill Swirls

Back in 2018, as reported by MLive, it was announced that one of two Kroger stores in Jackson, their location East Michigan Ave. would be closing its doors.

Sadly enough, it was also located in close proximity to a also now-defunct K-Mart that was transformed into a U-Haul center.

Now, as the former building that housed Kroger sits empty still in 2021, there are rumors and possible confirmation that a new Aldi will be going in on that side of town.

At first I had heard rumblings from some other people in my boyfriend's industry, but now we have some proof!

Confirmation of Aldi's Purchase of Former Kroger

Like any good journalist (let's use that term loosely here) I wanted some solid evidence of what I had been hearing swirling around the rumor mill.

Well, per the information provided by commercial real estate website, Crexi, the former Kroger property was added as an "Aldi - Anchored Shopping Center" on July 29, 2021.

The entire building's square-footage is 55,209 with multiple tenants as there are a few other stores in the strip-mall setting.

12,000 square feet of that 55,209 is what we can assume was once occupied by Kroger and will soon be occupied by Aldi.

The entire center, according to Crexi, is under new ownership and they say "Aldi opening Q1 of 2022" when talking about the highlights of the building.

Signed, Sealed and Soon Delivered

Now before, I felt like my excitement was a bit premature but NOW, it's all on!

I am so excited for that side of town to have an Aldi and their affordability more accessible. Yes, there is a Meijer store down the street, but Aldi is one of those businesses that can stand on its own and there are sometimes things you can not find at Aldi you need to get at Meijer.

That's why it is so great for an area to have both, have more options, and be able to enjoy Aldi!

At least we can be thankful it's not ANOTHER Dollar General.

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