Have you ever been spiritually moved by a meal? That's what happened when I tried this absolutely gorgeous sandwich at Jackson's newest brewery, Ogma Brewing Co.

We finally decided to stop hibernating inside of our home and venture out to try Ogma's beers and food we had ]been seeing and hearing so much about and, my goodness was this sandwich just the most beautiful sandwich I had ever seen.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Ogma Brewing Co. Finally Opens in Jackson, MI

As MLive previously reported, everything started when Andrew Volk and Troy Craft bought the former Thunderbird Coffeehouse storefront in 2018 with Troy's brother, Kevin Craft, coming on as a third co-owner in what they hoped would be an up-and running brewery by fall of 2019.

Of course, like many businesses, they faced their fare share of setbacks including the COVID-19 pandemic, material delays and doing much of the work themselves, all over the course of three years.

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It all paid off though, as Ogma's opening to the public in late November/early December of 2021 proved to be successful and continues to keep them busy months later.

What Does "Ogma" Mean?

Definitely not a word you hear every day, seeing "Ogma" as the name for a brewery has to mean something special to the people who built it, right?

"Ogma, the god of communication, represents bringing people together. Historically, beer has done the same," Ogma Brewing Co. shares on their Facebook. "Our hope is to inspire connection through consistently great beer and favorable experiences."

Per the Celtic Journey, Ogma is also known for writing and poetry and invented the "Ogham alphabet" which Ogma uses to print "homies" on their glassware.

Ogma Brewing Co.'s Food, Beer and Good Vibes

As craft beer continues to boom in Michigan, it becomes increasingly easy to see which breweries are a little too pretentious versus ones have a true passion for beer and creating a space for people to connect over some carefully-crafted brews. Ogma is definitely the latter.

See for yourself:

New Jackson Brewery, Ogma Brewing

Ogma Brewing Co. is Jackson's newest brewery, serving up great beer, food that is just as beautiful as it is delicious and great vibes.

What do you think? I know I'm sitting here thinking "gosh, I'll never be as pretty as that sando and I'm okay with that."

Keep on keeping on, Ogma!

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