Jackson's Ogma Brewing is set to open in October after waiting, working and garnering incredible support from the community for three years.

How It Started

Back in 2018, later updated in 2019, MLive reported that Andrew Volk and Troy Craft used to be in an indie band together that would perform at the storefront they now own back when it was Thunderbird Coffeehouse.

Troy's brother, Kevin Craft then came on as a third co-owner and they were working in hopes to be opening the brewery in summer or fall of 2019...of course there were some setbacks that got in the way of that.

WILX reports the community helped this trio make their brewing dreams come true by buying up merchandise and even donating a collective $50,000 to a Kickstarter campaign.

A Few Setbacks

“We weren’t able to come in and build when we thought we were supposed to be able to, and that kind of transpired into contractors being behind and not being able to meet their deadline because they were so backed up," Kevin Craft told WILX. "So mainly that and material delays were a huge part of it."

Eventually they were able to contract out some of the work but WILX reports that a lot of the work was done by the passionate owners themselves.

Of course, then COVID-19 really threw a wrench into everything for breweries and restaurants...especially one that has been working for years to get going.

Now, they are finally able to be putting the final touches on the space and really bring this three-year long project to BREW-ition.

What's To Come

According to MLive in 2018/19, Volk said they really want to play a role in the "resurgence" of downtown Jackson.

Kevin Craft also told MLive the group's "'skater background' and active lifestyle" will be part of what the bar's vibe is all about. They will also be featuring live music as a nod to the days of the Thunderbird Coffeehouse.

They will also serve food and as far as the beers go, they definitely have plenty in store with their versatile and creative styles.

"We do some trendy stuff when we feel inspired like the flavor of the week," Troy Craft told WILX. "But mostly, [we] just want to make quality beer and keep challenging ourselves to be better brewers."

They have also applied, as reported by MLive back in June of 2021, to join the Jackson Social District!

If you are looking for a job and think you would be a great fit here, they are hiring! CLICK HERE for the application.

Ogma Brewing Company is looking to open in October of this year and as a Jackson native, craft beer lover and someone who has spoken with the father of one of the co-owners (and my parents' neighbor) over the past three years, I can't wait to check it out!

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