Let's just get down to it. You know the why of face masks.

You are familiar with what the CDC has said about face masks.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings when around people outside of their household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. (CDC)

You've seen the memes.

Some folks don't believe they work, they find them an inconvenience, they're uncomfortable. And they have their memes too.

Wear one or don't that is your decision. However, having a meltdown and putting some poor employee through it for following instructions from their boss is wrong.

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And getting mad at a business for following a mandate put in place so they can be open is your prerogative. But remember. You don't have to shop there. You have the right to turn around and leave.

And this.

Here's a collection of grown people behaving like children over the mask requirement at businesses. Again, you can believe what you want. But it's their businesses. They say it at the front door before you walk in. And if you decide to come in and go against it, you're just cruising for a fight and you'll look like these folks.

Like this dude from a Fort Myers Costco who lost it and started screaming "I feel threatened" which almost sounded like a child screaming "I need an adult". What he got was fired from his job at an insurance agency for this viral outburst.

And who throws a shoe? Or box of shoes? Doesn't matter. She was so mad when they told her at checkout that they couldn't or wouldn't complete her transaction until she put on a mask, she had her meltdown, did all this in the video, and left her wallet with her ID in it on the counter. Arrested for simple assault.

And this one at the grocery store.

And this one.

And finally this.

Again, wear one or don't. Believe in the pandemic and the suggestions or don't. But you don't have to treat people like this or act out because someone doesn't think like you, is working and following their employer's directions, and you're being inconvenienced.

We can agree to disagree. And not be rude about it.

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