Pet parents! It's winter now, and if you have a pet that loves the outdoors, here are some easy tips to keep them safe and happy during the season. We all know that dogs love the outside no matter the temperature, but some pet parents also let out their cats so these few tips below will help both cat and dog parents.

First, when you let your pet out, depending on their fur, you might want to put them in a sweater. Dogs with short hair can get sick or potentially get frostbite if left outside too long. Also if short haired pets are not covered in fur, you might want to invest in a sweater for your dog or if you let your dog out in the backyard don't leave them out for more than 20 minutes or check on them often so they don't get sick. In addition, don't let your cats outdoors in the winter as they can get cold or sicker faster. Also the snow can mess with your dog's or cat's senses and they could get lost easier causing them to get sick as well.

Give your dogs tons of exercise. Yes I know this is self-explanatory, but it will make your dog very happy during the winter months when they are stuck inside. I have a puppy now and she always wants play, so I like to play with her in the basement or if you have a garage that is another place to play with them that gives you a lot of room. Play time will tire out your dog and depending on how old your dog is you might not need to play for more than 15 minutes before your dog wants to lay down.

Make sure your pet's paws are always clean when they come back indoors. This is important for dogs cause when they go on walks they might get salt or other hazards caught in their paws and they could get sick or die from ingesting it. Watch where you are walking with your pets. This is important again for dogs cause they could slip on ice outside, and if your dog is older, slipping on ice could get your dog injured.

Finally when your dog comes in make sure to have a bed or two and also have those beds with extra blankets. Extra blankets will allow your dog to warm up and also help them be happier when they come inside.

You can see more tips for keeping your pets safe in the winter here. And there are also tips for keeping smaller animals safe in the winter here. 

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