Winter officially kicked things off on December 21st. That being said, we're just now starting to feel some of the harsher winter temperatures and conditions. When that's the case, it's not a safe idea to leave your pets outside without the right equipment and setup. But don't take my word for it; take this veterinarian's word for it.

How Cold Does It Get in a Dog House in the Winter?

Dr. Ernie Ward demonstrates how dangerously cold things can get for your dogs if they live outside during the winter and aren't properly protected. Take a moment to watch the video and get a feeling for how cold it really gets overnight.


Brrr...Cold yet?

Can Dogs Live Outside During the Winter?

Because we're really starting to feel those frigid winter temperatures and conditions, the Ingham County Animal Control wants to remind residents of the winter rules when it comes to leaving their pets outside.

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Yes, your dogs can live outside during the winter, but they have to have a warm, safe set-up in order to do so. WILX spoke to the Ingham County Animal Control to learn what it takes to keep your dog safe while they're living outdoors.

Here are the winter rules you need to be following if your dog lives outside:

  1. Your pet has to have plenty of drinkable water. That means it can't be a block of ice. Keep your eye on their water supply to make sure that the temperatures aren't freezing your pet's drinking water.
  2. Make sure your pet's shelter is appropriate for them. That means it has to be the right size, it has to have a roof, and it needs to be filled with warm bedding like straw. If you need a dog house or straw, the Ingham County Animal Control offers them for free.

Pets, just like people, can get frostbite or hypothermia from being outside too long in frigid temperatures. So keep in mind, sometimes it might be a better idea to just bring your pet inside.

How to Heat a Dog House for Winter

There are some other things you can do to keep your pet's house toasty and warm in the winter. Check out the gallery below to learn how you can make your dog's house as warm as can be for that frigid winter weather.

Does Your Dog Live Outside? Here's What You Need to Keep Them Warm During the Winter

Dogs, just like people, are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. That's why it's so important to keep them safe and warm during the frigid winter weather. If your dog lives outside during the winter months, here are ways you can keep them warm all winter long.

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