Dramatic video footage shows a group of people jumping into action to save a dog from drowning this weekend.

Lake Michigan was packed full of boats for Memorial Day weekend.  As many people partied in the water Sunday near Ohio Street Beach in the Chicago area, a dog struggled to keep its head above water.  The terrifying moment was caught on video by Annie Ryzak.  Ryzak told CBS News that the situation was getting more dangerous as the dog was heading the wrong way,

This was like boat central, party central on the weekend. And the water's cold, too.  We're trying to figure out what to do, because the dog kept swimming further out and you know, there's boats everywhere, especially this weekend.

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A small group of guys spotted the struggling dog from the shore and jumped into action.  One man dove into the water and swam out to the dog.  He was able to guide the dog back to the rocks on the shoreline where his friend waited to help the adorable canine to safety.

At the end of the video, it appears that the dog was immediately reunited with its humans.  There's no word on how the dog ended up in the water in the first place.  A huge kudos to the guys that jumped into action to save this dog's life.

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