There have been three separate incidents in the greater Lansing area over the past week where residents posted to social media about strange happenings involving unknown vehicles.

In Williamston on Friday, Renee spotted a black GMC Envoy around a friend's home. When she asked the driver if he was OK he gave her a story that she wasn't buying. He claimed to be a FedEx worker investigating alleged speeding FedEx trucks.

Again in Williamston, the next day, a red Ford drove halfway up Becky's driveway and then stopped and sat there. The driveway is long which caused a "red flag" to go up for Becky and her husband. When her husband opened the garage, the car backed out of the driveway and drove off.

Today, Jami in DeWitt's Springbrook Hills subdivision called the police after she says the driver of a smaller white "van type vehicle with 'Edible Arrangements' on the side" tried to get her five year old son to come to the vehicle. Jami said she and her husband watched the van pull up near to where their son was playing and roll down the window. She said that's when they walked outside and the van drove away.

All these reports come on the heels of my personal experience just over a week ago. Numerous people throughout mid-Michigan shared my experience and at least one police department issued a warning about the reported incidents, telling residents to call 911 if they spot the vehicle(s) involved.

I suppose the moral of the story is simply be diligent in keeping an eye out for strange occurrences around your home and be sure to keep your doors locked when you're not home.

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