We imagine the conversation went something like "There's no way you can fit this stuff in your car."  To which the owner of the car responded, "Hold my beer."

Okay, we're not actually suggesting that alcohol had anything to do with this (?). We also can't really call this a victory, since we aren't really sure if this driver actually made it to his destination with his load intact or without being pulled over.

But the fact that he was able to squeeze all this into/out of the sunroof of his car and attempt to drive to his destination, and have a pretty good sense of humor about all the attention he was receiving (paparazzi), is at least worth a high-five.

Okay, to be fair, my cousin and I (over) loaded his S-10 with bed frames, box springs and mattresses not too long ago.  It didn't quite look like this but it was enough to make me legitimately nervous about not making it home with everything that we left the storage unit with.  No pictures, though...sorry.

Have you ever packed a little too much into your ride because you didn't want to make two trips or because your load was a little too big?  Pictures if you got 'em!

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