A science assembly for Bath elementary students became chaos when the presenter created an explosion that "killed" a beloved teddy bear, WILX-TV reports.

I'm sure this would have been exciting for middle school, high school or even college kids, and believe me, I'm 100% on the "we need to stop raising our kids to be cry-babies" train, but... I don't exactly think murder is an elementary-appropriate topic.  At the very least, you don't create an explosion in the school of the town known for its school being blown up!

Patricia Beardsley spoke with WILX. She's also a friend of mine, so I had to ask about her first grader.  "She is fine and knew it was all pretend. But I do agree as well as my husband... [this] was not Elementary school geared!"

Patricia's daughter told her that there were a few kids that were crying and upset.

The presentation was approved by the school ahead of time, but evidently there was some miscommunication that occurred.  As WILX-TV's Ken Houston put it, "They didn't know Cuddles was going to die."

All things fair, this science presentation does sound like it would have been totally awesome for a slightly more appropriate age group.

BOOM!! (Dry ice explosion) "Amnesia powder!"  Ala Larry the Cable Guy in Tooth Fairy 2.

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