I live in Downtown Lansing so usually seeing deer or other animals running around my yard usually doesn't happen. If you don't live in a city environment then you probably see tons animals, like deer, rabbits, and possums running around looking for food. But now according to some sightings around Michigan, you should be watchful of Coyotes.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources is offering advice to help neighbors make their homes less appealing to coyotes. Experts say that coyotes will eat just about anything they can find, not just animals but also your trash.

  • One way to avoid seeing Coyotes is bring your trash cans inside as the smell will attract them.
  • Next another option is to install fencing around your yard or garden.
  • Also if you see a coyote, you can chase them off by clapping your hands or making noise which will make coyotes move.

Coyotes will eat just about anything but they will often move on to a different spot if they cannot find an easy meal.  Here’s more from WILX-TV 10.

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