There is nothing more maddening or disgusting at times, than a workplace refrigerator. No one ever cleans it, and chances are your coworkers leave food in it for months. That I never will understand. Why would someone take the time to pack a lunch, bring it to work, place it in the fridge - and not eat it? Oh wait, I know - free pizza day.

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How about going to get your lunch (or drink) out of the workplace refrigerator, and it is mysteriously gone? Do not get it twisted, your lunch did not vanish into thin air. One of your coworkers ate it.

According to a Zippia survey, 33% of workers admit to stealing food from coworkers. Can you believe it? I can. I have been a victim of our station lunch room bully, a few times. Once someone swiped my Subway sandwich right off of the lunchroom table. I set it there for less than two minutes, and it was gone. That was before Chris Monroe's time here, but since he has worked here - there has been a definite increase in food theft. Maybe he thinks people make cigarette sandwiches for lunch? I once saw him take a bite of a coworkers leftover spaghetti, and place it back in the fridge.

Michigan ranks #17 on the list of States With The Most Lunch Thieves. Alaska takes the top spot at #1. Other findings from the survey include the following,

  • Drinks are a common culprit: With respondents citing missing sodas, special coffees, Red Bulls, juices and other drinks being nicked particularly often.
  • No one surveyed in 6 states (Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont) would admit to taking food from work.
  • Be careful where you put your food: Food on the counter and candy bowls are almost universally seen as up for grabs.
  • Guard your pizza: 16% of workers believe no permission is needed to take a pizza slice.
  • An astonishing 6% will take food right from a coworker’s lunch box. (Chris Monroe does this)

Add this to your list of things to worry about (oh brother).  Office lunch thieves are real, and they are coming for your lunch next. Consider yourself warned.

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