First, do you even know what a cuban is? No not a person and no not the cigar (but it's history is closely related to folks who worked rolling cigars). In this particular instance we are speaking of the awesome deliciousness that is the cuban sandwich. A quick lesson.

The sandwich is made with ham, roasted porkSwiss cheesepicklesmustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread. (Wikipedia)


This sandwich is serious business in Florida. They fight over it's origins and where it came from like we do over MSU and U of M.

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Every part of it has meaning. The meats on the sandwich represent cultures. All the way down to the mustard, pickles, cheese, and bread.

The reason why I'm telling you this is the following. A little while back, I ordered a cuban sandwich from Guy's ghost kitchen Flavortown. I was excited about it.

A Crazy Cuban and Cheesesteak Egg Rolls are on the way.

I will totally let you know how this works out.

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McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

This is what I got. And no disrespect to the man or the kitchen, but I was a little disappointed. It was lacking and with a Food Network chef's name attached to it, I truly expected to be blown away.

I shouldn't have been chasing the flavor of the month. According to several sources, I should have stayed local and went to Jose's Cuban Sandwich & Deli.

Several folks have given it the secret seal of approval. As in it's a best kept secret that folks really don't know about.

If you're looking for it pay attention. It's on the corner of Pennsylvania and Kalamazoo. You know where that Marathon is? Yeah, the gas station.

It's in there.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Even the folks from Lansing Foodies, one of my favorite local food groups, rave about it all the time.

So the next time you're craving a cuban sandwich or if you want to try one of the best in the city, keep it local.

Head over to Jose's Cuban Sandwich and Deli in Lansing.

And yes. Inside the gas station.

Trust us on this one.

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