Don't act like you don't know what we're talking about.

It goes by many names.

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Spare fridge. Beer Fridge. Garage Fridge.

If you actually go to and search Garage Fridge you get this:

Best Buy
Best Buy

In Michigan the Garage Fridge/Beer Fridge is a THING. Unless you have it somewhere else in the house other than the garage. Acceptable runners up include the back porch and the basement. But chances are if your spare/beer fridge is in the basement, it might not be a fridge at all. You might be crossing over to deep freezer and ice box or ice chest territory. Maybe you call it your meat locker? Where you store all your deer meat and fish? Ice cream bars?

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Nope. Back upstairs with you.

Sidebar, if you've got the beer fridge in your bedroom...while we applaud your ingenuity and how hard you apparently party hard, we're also gonna need you to talk to someone.

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The Michigan Beer Fridge is usually IN THE GARAGE. Out of the way, but it's there. The secondary refrigerator where leftovers GO TO DIE! Or experimental meals that no one in the house liked in the first place. They weren't supposed to be there anyway. But when the main fridge is packed, you make room and move THAT stuff to THE BEER FRIDGE.

And promptly forget about it.

Hello spoiled mystery meat sauce from 3 weeks ago that we forgot was out here. Looks like we're throwing this away.

The beer fridge is where you can store endless amounts of Bud Light, Miller Lite, or PBR that you got on sale at your local party store.

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You didn't buy just one case. You got two. Maybe three. Cause they were on sale. And you've got plenty of room in there. Now that you got rid of that mystery meat sauce that was stinking up the joint.

And the convenience of the beer fridge in the garage serves several purposes. Especially now that we're headed towards warmer weather.

Beer fridge in the garage? It's closer to where the work is being done. You can't change sparkplugs or do any real auto repairs without a cold one in reach. FROM THE BEER FRIDGE.

Plus, it's a gold star in MANVILLE! Nothing like hiding out in the garage, opening up that big ole garage door, grabbing a lawn chair, popping a squat, and enjoying a cold brewski from your very own beer fridge!

Pure Michigan.

Enjoy some beer fridge fun.

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