Mike Tyson's older brother Neil deGrasse Tyson is warning we could all die the day before the Election! There is an asteroid set to pass by Earth. But all the negative energy is pulling it closer to the Earth's orbit. I made a few things up there.

1) Mike Tyson is not related to Neil deGrasse Tyson that I know of.

2) The Earth's negative energy is NOT pulling the asteroid closer, it just makes it hard to go on social media and act better than everyone.

Seriously, November 2nd Neil deGrasse Tyson came out yesterday on Instagram and said it COULD hit Earth.

NASA is all like "It'll pass right by" but how long has it been since we have taken our own ships in space? No really? It's been a long damn time.

It's the size of a refrigerator and would likely burn up even if it did manage to enter our atmosphere. As the Simpson's say "It'll be no bigger than a penny by the time it lands."

So, some of the highest points in Michigan's lower peninsula are near Cadillac. So, if you were looking for safety in the high ground... There it is.

They thought they spotted another asteroid but it was just space junk. It could get hung up in the orbit and become a mini moon according to NASA.

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