I have a nephew. He has told me he doesn't plan to vote. He's got a plethora of reasons and none make any sense to me. We talked and listened to each other's side. I told him about how many people gave their lives and marched so he could have the right to vote. He feels it won't make a difference. I told him there's more on the ballot than the president. He broke down the electoral college to me. I said, "you give other people's votes more power when you don't vote." He's disenfranchised. We went round and round for a bit but I have to respect his decision. We agreed to disagree. I walked away sad and disheartened.

Somewhere the system has failed. Somehow our government has impressed upon a great number of our youth that they don't matter and their voices won't be heard.

There are some countries where you can't vote and people would die to be able to have half the freedoms we do, much less the right to vote in an election.

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I am a minority in this country and yes, we do have a great number of things wrong here but I still believe in it.

And one of the great things about this country is the right to vote. And participate in the actual election cycle.

Some people and states take that very seriously.

In the 2020 election cycle, twenty-eight states require employers to grant employees time off to vote. Within these 28 states, policies vary as to whether that time off must be paid and how much notice must be given. (Ballotpedia)

How awesome is it that you live in a country where it's your right to vote and in select states where you work MUST GIVE YOU TIME OFF TO VOTE. Some actually pay you for it.

If you're voting in-person on November 3 or voting early, be sure to both double-check your state's specific laws and approve your time off with your employer well in advance. (Business Insider)

Most are midwestern, spreads into southwest, and all the way out to the west coast. Alaska is included along with a smattering of southern states including Texas, Alabama, and Georgia.

More than half of the US. And missing from that list is or very own mitten state.

Take a look at the map of who's in and who's out. And let us know on social media (and app chat) if you think Michigan employers SHOULD be required to give you time off to vote.

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