We've all been there. There's always that one coworker that while you don't necessarily hate to be around them, they really just grind your gears.

Or maybe there is one coworker you just absolutely hate, not here to judge.

There are just some people too who, no matter what or for no reason you can really put your finger on they are just annoying. Then when you really think about it, the reasons make like Smash Mouth and they "start coming and they don't stop coming."

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For example, I've had a lot of jobs. Quite a few that I have loved like working at Country Market in Brooklyn, Michigan. Others, like my retail and food service jobs...not so much. Customers are a big factor in making you dislike a job but the coworkers can take a stressful job and make it ten times worse.

That's why Zippia wanted to look into the specific things people's coworkers do that annoys others to no end.

On the list there were things like attendance issues, bad hygiene, general laziness and other common office etiquette issues.

Well, they then broke down what each state collectively gets annoyed with their coworkers most for and they found they most, including Michigan, get particularly irritated with coworkers who are "too loud."

Obviously, working in the radio industry there are a lot of "loud" personalities so I can't really pass judgement on that one because I can understand that this type of work environment is not for everyone.

On the other hand, things like condescending attitudes, immaturity and just not doing your fair share of the work. I do enjoy gossiping but more just chit-chatting about my life and my problems. Gossiping about your coworkers is an absolute no-no and if all a certain coworker wants to do is b**tch and complain about everyone else it's a one-way ticket to having me avoid you.

Among the key findings, Zippia also shared that "57% of workers have considered leaving a job because of an annoying coworker" and that 29% of them actually followed through with it!

All in all, we all have things we get annoyed by and we all have or have had at least one coworker who we were relieved when they weren't around that day.

What are the things your coworkers do or have done that just absolutely grind your gears?

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