Need a job, or some extra side money? Election workers get paid in Michigan. You can get paid as an election worker in Michigan. The two counties that need the most people are Wayne County and Oakland County for August elections.

According to WXYZ the job requirements include assisting clerks and counting ballots. If you are registered to vote, you can apply. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you too are eligible for the gig. The following message is a complete job description,

Be democracy's MVP – sign up to be an election worker today!


Election workers are the Most Valuable Players of our democracy, ensuring free and fair elections for all. And right now our democracy needs election workers more than ever. Serving as an election worker is a paid position, and all election workers are trained on proper protocols.


During the coronavirus crisis, election workers are needed to assist clerks and count ballots. They will serve at polling places, and will adhere to strict public health guidelines, including exercising social distancing, using sanitary equipment, and maintaining strong hygiene to protect themselves and others from coronavirus transmission.


Elections are the foundation of our democracy, and the way that all Michiganders can hold their leaders accountable in times of uncertainty. Please fill out the interest form below if you are registered to vote, or register at and then return here to fill out the form.

It does not take a genius to figure out why polls are short staffed this year, one word  - coronavirus. Not everyone is comfortable being out in the public, and that certainly shows with the need for poll workers. Full disclosure, I just laughed to myself when I typed 'poll workers'.

If you are going to apply, good luck - I hope you land one of the openings.

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