There's a Netflix scam that comes around every year or so and it is back again as the scam is looking for your personal information. This scam has come around a few times in the last year or so and usually it comes around during the holidays when people are more worried about other things besides their Netflix accounts.

If you have never seen this scam before, its basically you getting a very real-looking email it asks them to update their payment details, saying the account is on hold. The email will have a link in it asking you to update your information. Don't fall for this!!!! Don't enter your account as it is a phishing scam and this email is looking to steal your info. The link isn't real and Netflix won't be sending you a link to update your info. So if you want to update your info go to Netflix website directly as Netflix won't be sending you a link through email.

Apperently the scam is back in the Mid-west as an Ohio police dept. has reported it as you can see here. 

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