Consumers Energy is warning people that there might be some people posing as workers to get in your home. According to WLNS, Consumers Energy is warning people in the Lansing-Area of scammers posing as Consumers workers and looking to get in your house or demanding money. Apparently the scammers tell you that they are going to shut off your service if not let inside or given money immediately. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!

Consumers Energy and most companies won't demand to come in your home or ask for money on the spot. Also Consumers said employees, even if they are contracted out by the company, will always have company identification on them. Consumers Energy employees are supposed to show ID if asked and will show ID willingly. In addition, if Consumers needs to be in your home they will send a notice and not attempt to barge in your home.

If you think you may have been scammed like this call your local police department. And also you can call Consumers at 800-477-5050

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