There was a scam last week about paying for fake tests, now there one about scammers pretending to be the government wanting your information. According to WLNS, this scam has gotten a lot of reports to the Better Business Bureau and they want to make sure that no one falls for it or gives their information out.

According to the BBB, the scam starts by you getting text messages from the scammers pretending to be from the federal government. The message tells you that you must take a “mandatory online COVID-19 test” and has a link to a website, except there is no online test for coronavirus. Whatever you do DONT CLICK THE MESSAGE! This is a phishing scam as the scammers are looking to get your information as well as download malware on your device. So basically don't fall for messages or emails about tests online cause they are fake.

You can see more tips on how to protect yourself during this time from scams here, from the BBB.

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