There is a new scam that is going around Lansing and it quite strange. A Lansing woman, Shirley Tyler, told WILX, about a new scam involving a dog, her daughter, and demanding her information. Are you still stumped by what this all has to do with each other, cause so are we and she is wanting others to know about it so they don't get scammed.

Tyler says she received a phone call from a man saying that Tyler's daughter hurt his dog and is demanding her social security number. What? Exactly this is strange and she knew it was too so she didn't give out her information. She instead said the phone call ended this way,

"He told me that he was going to call the cops and report me if I didn't give my social security number and I told him he's a liar and I told him that I was going to call the cops"

This is a new scam and according to the Michigan Attorney General she has never heard of it. This woman had the right idea in threatening to call the cops and not give away her information and if you receive a weird call like this don't give away your information to some one you don't know.

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