Scam Alert
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There is a new scam alert for the Mid-Michigan and this time the scammers are going after your identity. According to WLNS, Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services are warning Michiganders about phone scammers posing as public health officials.

The scam is basically like most scams as callers claim to be from a local health department or Medicare department and they try to talk to you asking for your information. They are mostly trying to get you to give up your identity and potentially steal it or use your identity for a broader health scam. Another note is that the scammers will call from a number that might look familiar to the health department's number so try to look at the number before picking it up.

Dana Nessel's Office has said that if you get one of these calls to immediately hang up and don't give any information to the scammers. If you have gotten one of these calls then please alert your local authorities. You can read more about it here. 

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