Here in Michigan, we already know a lot of us like to else would we keep warm during our treacherous winters?

Of course, there are plenty of craft breweries to visit, but what about the folks who don't like beer? GASP, I know, but there ARE people out there (like my mom).

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Michigan's Cocktail Scene

As craft beer continues to rise throughout Michigan, there's something else brewing, or rather, distilling.

There's Traverse City Whiskey Company, New Holland Spirits (paired with New Holland Brewing), Coppercraft and SO MANY more you can get everything from whiskey to gin to vodka and everything in between right here in the Mitten.

CLICK HERE for a better look at all of them from

So what if you want to make some actual cocktails with all Michigan ingredients? What ones do you make?

Your Michigan Cocktail Exploration Inspiration

Now here, we do not claim to be bartenders (maybe some of us) and we certainly are not mixologists.

With the help of fellow content contributors like Kristen Matthews, we are simply having fun and putting our imaginations to the test when it comes to making all-Michigan mixes for some of our favorite beverages, check it out!

Classic Cocktails Reimagined for Michiganders

Classic cocktails are classics for a reason; however, sometimes you just want to switch it up a bit! Here are some Michigan twists on some of our favorite cocktails!

What Cocktail Concoctions Can You Conjur?

I don't know about you, but all this has me inspired to make sure our basement bar is fully stocked with Michigan-only spirits and ingredients.

Of course, that will take us actually finishing the basement, building said bar, and enlisting the help of our family's master mixologist, Phil, but that's a conversation for a different day.

Maybe you have an amateur or even a professional bartender in your life who can help teach you how to elevate some of your favorite cocktails. If you have any ideas or try out any of ours we listed, let us know what you think!

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Incredible MI Breweries You Have to Visit

Michigan is an absolute Mecca for beer lovers! Check out some of our favorite breweries around the state from A to Z...Any you would add? Let us know!

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