It's no secret those of us who drink here in Michigan sure can put it down! However, what do we crave most when the "drunchies" kick in?

I know when I am drinking, good snacks or good food is a must. Put a bowl of chips and salsa in front of me and you best not expect it to be shared with the group. Most importantly, if anyone (and I mean ANYONE) even MENTIONS Taco Bell, I will be unable to think of literally anything else.

You would think Taco Bell would be the #1 choice when it comes to "Drunk Fast Food" but you would actually be wrong.

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Turns out, when Zippia did a deep dive on this and found the good ol' Golden Arches of McDonald's to be what welcomes the drunk folks of America the most...and also in Michigan.

That's right, Michigan's favorite fast food joint to frequent when the drinks start flowing is Mickey D's!

I will say, while I agree drunk McDonald's "hits different" I cannot help but feel that ping of jealousy when Zippia's data showed states like Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to have Waffle House welcoming their intoxicated friends.

Maybe it's the fact that Waffle House is open so late, maybe it's the fact that it is just that quintessential "diner you stop at to try to sober up before going home" vibe. For me, it really just comes down to the fact I love breakfast food, I LOVE waffles and I absolutely always am down for Waffle House despite the lack of them here in Michigan.

All in all, it does make sense for McDonald's to be the #1 choice for drunk Americans and Michiganders but I think next year we should really fight harder for Taco Bell...or to get Waffle House to open up a Lansing franchise at least.

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