Yes, you read that right, the Hallmark Channel has their own collection of wines BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.

Hold On, Hallmark Has Their Own Wine?

I was just as shocked as you but when you think about it for longer than about 30 seconds, it really makes all the sense in the world.

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I'd like to imagine that meeting went a little something like this:

Hallmark Executive 1: "Okay so what makes women cry?"

Hallmark Executive 2: "Our movies"

Executive 1: "Right, what else?"

Executive 2: "Wine...?"

Executive 1: "Boom"

Executive 2: "You're a genius"

Thus, Hallmark Channel wines was born.

There are holiday-themed ones (of course) called "Jingle" and "Joy" as well as "Love" and "Blush"

Not only can you go to and order from their fine selection of four wines but just in time for "Hot Girl Summer" they are adding something a bit more bubbly to the mix!

Hallmark Channel Joins The #SeltzerSquad

You know you're not really making it in the alcohol industry anymore until you make a seltzer and, naturally, Hallmark knows their audience.

So, for this summer Hallmark Channel has unveiled their "Cheers" Rosé Wine Seltzer!

Normally, a company coming out with a new seltzer is kind of just another to add to the mix but the fact a TV channel known for its, honestly, pretty corny lovey-dovey movies making wine AND seltzer is not only hilarious but also just absolutely genius.

Michigan Wineries Win Every Time

The Hallmark Channel wines definitely sound fun but nothing compares to the countless, amazing wineries here in Michigan!

If you are in the Brooklyn, Michigan area this weekend or this summer in general I have a few suggestions of some great local wineries you could check out...maybe while you're waiting for your Hallmark Wines to get delivered!

  • Cherry Creek Cellars
  • Chateau Aeronautique Winery & Blue Skies Brewery
  • The Winery North of 12

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