These four women all were in the same entrepreneurial course at the University of Michigan where this ingenious idea came to be.

Scrunchies have had their well-deserved resurgence in popularity over the past few years. With that, there have also been plenty of "life hacks" and businesses making these classic accessories more than just something to wear on your wrist or hold up your hair!

Well, these ladies have found a way to use scrunchies to make sure you are the life of the party with "Scrunchie Shots"!

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According to Click On Detroit's "All About Ann Arbor", Heather Gaynor, Alison Vogg, Catherine Loder and Justine Abbo met by "speed dating" on a Google Doc in Eric Fretz's class where they had to come together to pitch a business concept.

Gaynor, now Chief Executive Officer, said she got the idea for the Scrunchie Shot on a game day!

“It was a really warm game day and on winter game days, you have a coat you can put a shooter in," she said. "I’m in a crop top and shorts and I have no other fabric on my body except for a scrunchie.”

Once the idea was pitched, Click On Detroit reports Fretz told the group while he normally isn't in love with "first ideas" he was a "big fan" and told them "Now, go get banned from the Big House."

From there, Click On Detroit says they sold their early products on campus where it started to gain some traction only for their big launch to be slightly derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, after redesigning their website over the summer, the ladies did a "soft launch" on social media where their posts blew up on TikTok and from there, inventory was selling out and Scrunchie Shot was going viral.

Gaynor also mentioned that, to the group's surprise considering their initial marketing toward college students that "football moms" started to be the source of their "initial buzz." (I hope that pun was intended).

“They’d buy a bunch of them in their team colors and give them to their friends to wear at their kids’ games," she told Click On Detroit.

Now, Scrunchie Shot comes in 10 colors, each named after a drink, they also designed some for holidays as well.

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