We collectively deserve a drink after this year and when it comes to knowing exactly what to toast with to leave 2020 behind.

How can it already be time for a new year? I feel like we had January, February, March and then December.

Sure, that's just how time works, I guess, but in a year where there was really no concept of it we might be needing something strong to break into 2021.

That's why Zippia decided to look into "What Each State Will Ring In The New Year Drinking."

I know in my case, it varies from year to year but usually vodka is involved somehow and it looks like, based on Zippia's findings, that's how some other states play it too.

However, unsurprisingly, champagne was the top drink of choice for New Year's Eve with Michigan and 20 other states all agreeing on it!

What was surprising in Zippia's findings, though, was just how many states were opting in for tropical drinks and daiquiris.

Personally, I like to go with something you can marathon the night with and I feel like daiquiris and tropical drinks are for those who want to sprint. What I mean by that is you want something that will sit well with you all the way to midnight instead of something so sugary and sweet that your stomach will betray you before the countdown.

I could go on and on about my past NYE blunders in Grand Rapids but enough about me, how did Zippia come to these conclusions?

They used a combination of data from Google Trends and first determined each state's most "uniquely searched coctails" from their list of 30 drinks then cross-referenced that data with booze-related searches over a 4-day period from last New Year's.

All in all, while this year's New Year's Eve celebrations might be looking a bit different, at least here in Michigan we still have our old standbys. Our loved ones, our couches and a bottle (or a few) of champagne!

Instead of milk and cookies, what would adults leave out for santa?

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