How did eggnog become one of the "official" drinks of the holidays?

I'm not going to lie, the first time I had it as a kid I was amazed and I really did love it...however, as my tastebuds (and my lactose intolerance) have developed over the years I cannot get over how truly horrible it is.

Milk...gross already, but we'll get to that another time. Then you add eggs to it and other spices and that somehow makes it automatically good?

I get you can add booze to it and make it some sort of "fun" holiday cocktail but you can add booze to a lot of gross things and make them tolerable.

I mean, I'm someone who loves Bloody Marys which are polarizing in themselves; however eggnog is where I draw the line.

Now according to Insider, the popular holiday abomination goes all the way back to 1700s Medieval Britain.

"Eggnog is believed to have descended from a drink called a "posset," which consisted of hot curdled milk, ale or wine, and spices." says Insider. "More expensive ingredients like eggs, sherry, and figs were added to the recipe later on as the drink became popular among monks and the wealthy."

Yes, let's all enjoy a drink born from hot curdled milk...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Insider says that the drink made its way to the American colonies in the 18th century as eggs and rum were in full supply. They say it was popular as a Christmas drink because it was warm and the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla flavors "embodied the winter season."

I guess to each their own but as far as I'm concerned I will stick to my hot chocolate and peppermint mochas as my favorite holiday drinks!

If you do enjoy eggnog, Insider also shared George Washington's eggnog recipe and there is enough booze in it to make someone drunk enough to think it tastes good:

  • One quart cream
  • One quart milk
  • One Dozen TBSP sugar
  • One Pint Brandy
  • One Pint Jamaica Rum
  • 1/4 pint Chery
  • Mix liquor first
  • Separate egg white and yolks
    • add sugar to beaten yolks & mix
  • Add milk & cream - slowly beat
  • Beat egg whites until stiff & fold into mix
  • Let set in cool place for a few days and "taste frequently"

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