Founder's Brewing Co. ran into some problems in New Hampshire earlier this year when they introduced a seasonal beer to the market. The problems they were having all stem from the label on the bottle, which depicts a baby eating oatmeal. It's not the oatmeal that's the problem, it's the fact that a minor graces the cover of an alcoholic beverage.

The Lansing State Journal covered a story on it back in January that goes into more detail about what happened, but pretty much a decision was made that the beer could still be sold in New Hampshire, as long as the label couldn't be seen. So you could purchase it on draft, just not in bottle form. Now it seems like the brewery's home state has taken issue with label as well. MLive talks about Founder's decision to pull the baby from the label entirely, within the state of Michigan. You can see a side-by-side comparison of the old and new pictures below.

Most comments seem to lean in one of two directions: 1) They don't see an issue with the baby being on the label because it shows a baby eating oatmeal. It's not like he's drinking a beer or anything, or 2) They don't believe depictions of minors should be used what-so-ever when it comes to alcoholic beverage sales. How do you feel about the issue? Let me know on facebook or in the comments below!

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