Prepare for quite a few VERY hot days beginning late next week...

According to MLive, meteorologists predict Michiganders will experience an phenomenon known as a "ring of fire." What is this really awesomely-named weather condition you ask? A "ring of fire" is "a heat wave is formed when a hot dome of air builds in the entire atmosphere, from the ground to the top of the atmosphere 50,000 feet up."

Granted, we live in Michigan, so we all know that this could change multiple times throughout the week. But, just in case it terribly hot next weekend, be sure to keep hydrated and stay cool. That goes for you and your animals! The Mitten won't get quite as hot as some other Mid-Western states (Nebraska, the Dakotas, Iowa, and Kansas are all expected to get as hot as 110 degrees), but we should see temps in the low to upper 90's. Read more details HERE.

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