I don't know about you, but when I'm drinking a beer, what's on the label isn't priority numero uno. Mostly my concerns are, "Is it an IPA...No?...Good," (I'm not a fan of India Pale Ales). But other than that, hand me a cold one and I'm good to go.

New Hampshire on the other hand, is very concerned about what's on the label of a new Founder's flavor.

Grand Rapids based brewery, Founders Brewing Co. has this new beer called Breakfast Stout which features a picture of a baby on the label. This is the bottle in question...

According to The Lansing State Journal, New Hampshire law states that,  "Advertising of liquor or beverages shall not contain any reference to minors, pictorial or otherwise." It's because of this law that bottles of the Breakfast Stout are illegal.

However, bar owner AND State Representative Keith Murphy is working to change that law. He proposed some legislation earlier this year that, if passed, would allow pictures of minors to be on alcoholic drink packaging so long as the pictures weren't used to tempt kids into drinking.

Murphy is glad that he can still enjoy his current favorite brew, Breakfast Stout, on tap... as long as the tap doesn't have the same label as the bottle. But lucky for us Michiganders, we can enjoy this "Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout" in any form we like!

How do you feel about a baby being on the label of a beer? Does it really matter that much seeing as how the image is of a baby eating some oatmeal? Let me know what you think!