Every year around this time, I ask myself the same question... "What should I get my mom for Mother's Day?". And every year, I always have a hard time thinking of something that is both awesome and something my mom would actually enjoy. My friend suggested something that helps her when it comes to scoping out the perfect gift, and that suggestion was to pick a theme.

So, I went ahead a did just that. The theme, you may have guessed by now, is "Pure Michigan"; Our state is so unique and cool that I figured I would definitely find a gift worth giving within that theme. And, to help out anyone else who might be facing similar gift purchasing issues, I put together this list. Below are 5 different gifts for the mom in your life, all with a Michigan theme. I hope you find it helpful!


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    A "Made in Michigan" Meal

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    An Experience

    My mom always says she doesn't want anything for Mother's Day, she just wants to be with me. If your mom just wants to hang out with you, why not go do something fun and memorable? You can take her to Holland, Michigan for their annual Tulip Festival or maybe score a pair of tickets to a concert or music festival; Taste of Country is a local festival that's just a few weeks away, check out the info HERE!

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    Support for Her Favorite Team

    Michigan is home to soooo many AMAZING sports teams... Spartans, Wolverines, Red Wings, Tigers... just to name a few. If your mom has a fav, why not help support her fandom by getting her a new t-shirt or hoodie? Or go big with a pair of tickets to the game?

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    A Drink!

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    A Piece of Michigan

    Literally give your mom a piece of Michigan; Etsy has all kinds of cool handmade jewelry that uses Petoskey stones (our state rock/stone) or Cherry Blossoms (our state flower). Check out some different selections HERE.