This has been an especially hard year for me when it comes to Christmas shopping because I am trying to shop local without running out of ideas.  So I have been doing a little homework.

Sure it's easier to buy gift cards and shop online and that is fine, but I try to keep most of my purchases here in the Lansing area.  I did find as well that are plenty of shopping ideas in our local neighborhoods in-store and online.

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The supply chain shortage is sure not helping us this year either. Making me feel like a Grinch, lol. But we can't put off shopping any longer. Here are some cool places in mid-Michigan where you can do some holiday shopping according to

Old Town General Store

Whether it's wine or Michigan-themed gifts you will find some really cool gift ideas here, I love this place. Old Town General Store

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn

I am addicted to all kinds of popcorn and this is one of the best stores for it. It also has plenty of salty and sweet treats. YUMMY!  You must try the hot Kansas City white cheddar. Cravings Popcorn

The Record Lounge 

Head on over to REO Town if there is a music lover on your list.  Maybe they already have a turntable, If not buy them a record player. They're back in many living rooms. Very fun to browse this store. The Record Lounge.

Boom, I hoped this helped and Santa brings you all you wish this year. Even if you were not as good as you should have been.

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