Has anyone else had a hard time finding the right gift for people this year? What about struggling to figure out what to say when someone asks "what do you want for Christmas?"

It's been a year where many of us stayed home a lot more which lead to this being a banner year for online shopping and just buying things for ourselves out of boredom.

Sure, all over the internet you can find "gift guides for [insert person here]" but somehow those feel a little less personal.

Well recently HomeSnacks did a survey to figure out just what people in all 50 states want for Christmas and it makes me feel like I'm just not paying enough attention because all I thought people wanted this year (as far as tangible gifts go) were that new Bissell vacuum or a PS5.

To my surprise the vacuum did not make the cut but the PS5 was the most requested gift across six states, Michigan not being one of them...

We Michiganders truly love a warm cup of coffee in these bitterly cold winter months which is why the gift Michiganders were asking for most this year was the Keurig K-Duo.

With all of these high-tech gifts on people's lists this year, you would think it would take a lot of super high-tech programming to figure all this out but, really, HomeSnacks just analyzed Google Trends data to figure out what items each state was disproportionately searching for more than others.

Don't worry though, not everyone wants the latest iPhone, gaming system or high-tech home appliances, though. For example, the most in-demand gift in Kentucky is the new Harry Potter Mystery Wand!

While it has definitely been a hard year in general and, specifically, a hard one financially, it is great to see people out there still trying to make the best of it and give their loved ones a nice holiday. Of course, the "reason for the season" is not all about the gifts but sometimes a gift that might make these "uncertain times" a little bit better isn't so bad!

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